A Bit Of Us

PepBlast Spotlight/Blog features stories selected by the PepBlast Team, including people that inspire, videos, music, photography, lifestyle and stuff that we love.


The PepBlast team develops exciting mobile apps that blend photos, videos, music, animation, and games, such as PepBlast Remix, Slidshow Maker (Motion Pictures), eCards and Galaxy.


PepBlast is part of Photozig, Inc., located at the heart of Silicon Valley in California, USA. Photozig’s mission is to provide the best customer experience to save, organize, and share lifetime memories. Photozig develops easy-to-use tools, practical solutions, and time-saving features to facilitate the management, enhancement, and sharing of digital pictures and video.


Mobile Apps

Cloud Computing

Photozig Albums - Research and Development

Our Skills

Our team brings several years of experience in software, video production, web services, and digital technology. In our research projects, our software development team plays an important role to enable innovative and easy user interfaces and system operation. Photozig incorporates a studio with production and post-production capabilities. Our  facility is fully equipped with high definition technology, 3D modeling and rendering  software, and an experienced staff, ready to create a multitude of projects ranging from broadcast television, DVD, online video, mobile phone applications, game animations, and much more.

Mobile Apps
Web Services
Software Development
Video Production
Game Design
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