MUSIC Videos with PepBlast!

Artists know the importance of communicating with fans via social media. Let’s take it to next level with the PepBlast dynamic social video!

Interactive Video for fansMake it Interactive: PepBlast is a fantastic platform to interact with your fans. The next level of engagement is asking fans to be part of your music video and inviting them to send their own photos/clips to your video and be part of this creative movement. This makes your fans feel involved with your talent and empower them to create with your music instead of being consumers.

Inspire genuine excitement: motivate your fan base to participate creatively in your music work with their own expressions, images, and emotions through the pictures and short clips they send, which will make your music video more genuine and appealing to your fans!

Create incentive to share: by having participation of your fans in your music video, they are more likely to share your PepBlast video though their social networks! If they appear in your video, they will want to talk about it! PepBlast video also boost the pictures of the “sharing” sender to the top of the video, so the “sharing” sender will feel more special and likely will share your video.

Get Personal: what would be more personal to a fan than being part of your music video. It is not only liking or commenting, but being on the video! In your PepBlast dynamic video, you can also have clips behind the scenes, enabling a feeling like you are interacting with fans personally. As the video is dynamic, you can update your clips as you go in the tour, boost photos, demote/remote clips, block users, etc. – so you have constant control of the creative process, while allowing it to be awesomely personal.

With PepBlast, your music video is interactive, genuine, and personal. Your fans will feel more connected to you and your music! Have a PepBlast today!

android_app_on_play_logo_small PepBlast App on Web - the movie creator to make a video with pictures or make your own slideshow

An example of a PepBlast video:

PepBlast Remix – Please open it on a browser with javascript and html5 support.

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