Groufies – Photo slideshow

The selfie craze is always one step away from being consigned to ancient trends and old school habits just as chatting, instant messaging, emails and Bluetooth sharing of media. The selfie stick is proof of this, as people always seek to jump onto the next big thing with groufies (group selfies), which is also a thing now. The end product though is always just a photo, or in other cases, a video. It feels inadequate to tell the tale of the moment and this is where PepBlast as an app makes things interesting. PepBlast combines photography and videography, along with multimedia additions and other fun tweaks.

Remember the days of receiving inspiring messages on email through PowerPoint presentations? Well, this can now be done better with the PepBlast App. Instead of forwarding the same generic message to billions, you can share a deep message with a chosen few. The ability of PepBlast to manipulate photos and videos, appending them with multimedia and even having a preview option before releasing is almost like having a studio in the palm of your hand. This means that photos can be made into slideshows, videos can be part of that slideshow and you can add quirky comments or even sound effects to your photographic movie.

The availability of PepBlast on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store means it is available to a large number of people and it is free. Yes you saw that right, it is free! This means you get to have a mobile studio within seconds of downloading the app. You are able to produce cinema worthy moments of magic and emotion for friends, inspirational messages for the masses and intimate memories with your special one. The app is also quite savvy and up to date with current slang, meme capabilities and your very own language with its varied language set. It is also a major tool for making exposes and audition clips on the go in this world of superstardom, meaning you can easily showcase your talents to shows like X-Factor, American Idol and The Voice.

For the theatre lovers, it can depict your script and morph mere rhetoric into a photo-script, adding context and making your work much easier to understand for a variety of audiences. This is also the chance to mix video, music and pictures into a single output for quality multimedia material that can be used to showcase video disc jockeying, directing and editing skills as well as script writing as a content developer for movies, websites and even infomercials.

Making your own video, making your own photo slideshow and everything in between can be taken for granted considering how much you could pay to have a professional do it. PepBlast cuts all that out and helps promote your and others talents (a win-win, wouldn’t you say?). The best part about PepBlast is that it is free and readily available in all app stores, irrespective of which operating system you use. The app is fast and easy to use. You can create your own multimedia production in the palm of your hand and share your creations as you wish it. Most of all, there are limitless opportunities to make money and get your material to the world.

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