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Are you familiar with the word “selfie”? In 2013, “selfie” became an official word in the dictionary and has since become very popular. People of all ages seem to love taking selfies, making picture slideshows, and sharing them on social media. In case you are unfamiliar with selfies, a brief explanation and a list of practical steps to successfully take a selfie are given below.

When do I take a selfie?

The need to take a selfie arises when you feel that your outfit is looking fabulous or you’re having a good hair day. You would love to capture the moment with a photo so that you could upload and share it with your friends, but no one is there to help you. The selfie comes in handy when you are alone and don’t have anyone to take your picture. In such desperate times, you can meet your need through your own smart phone or a tablet.

How do I take a selfie?

Taking a selfie does not require the intelligence of a rocket scientist. It can be done with a single click. To take a selfie, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Use a good quality camera (e.g., smart phone, tablet or laptop)
  2. Check your pose
  3. Make sure you have a good background
  4. Click to take the selfie
  5. Share it with your friends!

All of these steps are quite easy and anyone can learn to take a great selfie. After you take various selfies, you can make your own video using the PepBlast app.

Step 1: Use a good quality camera

You can take great selfies even if you don’t have an expensive camera. Smart phones and tablets are usually equipped with terrific cameras that take high quality pictures. You can use your own smart phone or tablet by clicking on the camera icon and waiting for the camera to load. But wait a minute! Before taking the picture you should switch to the front camera option. The front camera is a nice option because you can check out how you look and see whether or not your body or face is being captured by the camera’s lens.

Step 2: Check your pose

It’s usually a good idea to check your pose before taking the picture. Try out poses that you know work best for you.

Step 3: Make sure that you have a good background

Backgrounds in photos are really important and they can make or break the picture. Make sure to check out what’s in the background of your selfie before snapping the shot.

Step 4: Click to take the selfie

You have finally reached the point where you can take your selfie. Simply click on the button and there you have it – your very own selfie!

Step 5: Share your selfie with your friends!

Now you can share your selfie with your friends and family through social media. Enhance your selfie by making a video with pictures and music on the PepBlast app! You can make a slideshow video and personalize it using the app.

We hope you are having fun using the PepBlast app to make beautiful short movies with your selfies! Be sure to use our movie creator app to turn pictures into videos that can be easily shared with friends and family. It’s a PepBlast!

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