Special Someone – Video of a picture

A video picture collage with a song for that special someone.

With all the romantic things that you can do to make someone feel special, you can try a unique new way with little time and minimum effort. The PepBlast movie maker is an impressive mobile app that creates videos out of pictures, which can be customized for different situations.

You probably have a ton of pictures of your special someone in your phone, PC and camera. You may have even uploaded some of them to your social media profiles. In the past, you may have tried using the picture collage tools that you find in many app stores to make them feel special. While that is a good start, why not go a bit further to give your sweetheart something a little bit more live and vibrant? How about a video of a picture collage with a romantic song playing in the background with your own special quotes? Wouldn’t that be utterly extraordinary?

Make your own slideshow

This is now possible with the PepBlast movie maker app. PepBlast contains so many features for you to explore and experiment with! The app has its own 1000+ themes and designs. You can choose whatever design you like or even create your own if you want. You can pick a romantic love song to add a touch of romance to your picture collage video. It’s a lot of fun trying out different themes and songs to find out the one that best suits your picture slideshow. When you’re done, you will have the perfect outcome – a romantic picture collage with pictures, effects, and music of your choice that you and your special someone will love. It will be a romantic surprise for them and they will absolutely love it for its creativity and your thoughtfulness.

With one single click, you can share your movie with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers, allowing you to share your creativity with the world. It will make your special someone happy to know that you want to show all your friends know how much he or she means to you. It will be the perfect way to win them back if you had a small fight, as this will make them forget all about it and realize how sweet and caring you can be. If it is their birthday, it’s the perfect little gift to help make them smile.

Download the PepBlast movie maker app right now and experience the difference and the user friendliness. It is guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. You will come up with a beautiful video that will make your special someone smile and be grateful that you are a part of their lives. Try the PepBlast app out today!

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