SPORTS Videos with PepBlast!

How to get millions of people cheering you on your games? How to promote your club with little effort? How to make it to the next level of social media marketing? PepBlast dynamic social videos is the turnkey solution to attract fans and motivate them to share your videos!

PepBlast for SportsConnect with your fans: Pepblast allows your fans to have a direct connection with your club, interact with your games, and participate in the making of your awesome videos. By inviting your fans and prospective fans to send their photos and clips to your PepBlast video, you enable opportunities for conversations around your club, promote events and spread news – just give fans and followers this amazing way of interacting with your club!

Increase the reach of your content: you can start your PepBlast video with game results, questions to fans, player messages, and cool club visuals. Then, you can tell fans to send their messages, reactions, images, and short clips to your PepBlast video. By being part of your video, people will want to show it to their friends, talk about your club, and increase the dissemination of content and messages. PepBlast videos with fan participation will incentivize your fans to be your marketing agents!

Boost awareness about your club: the next level of social media is the PepBlast dynamic social video. Moving beyond likes and comments, your fan will be part of your videos. For example, not only they can take a selfie at your game, but, with PepBlast they can send their selfies to your video. Photos will appear immediately in your video after your approval, and the sender will get a notification. If that happens in your stadium, for example, you could show the video with fans during half time, or if you embedded it in your website, your video will be instantly updated with photos from fans! Because your fans are in your videos now, they are much more likely to share your video and talk about your club in their social networks.

Pepblast dynamic social video is an awesome way to connect with your fans, spread the news, and raise awareness about your club! Get more people cheering for you! Create your PepBlast video today!

android_app_on_play_logo_small PepBlast App on Web - the movie creator to make a video with pictures or make your own slideshow

An example of a PepBlast video for Sports:

PepBlast Remix – Please open it on a browser with javascript and html5 support.

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