Modern Woman – Create video from photos

Hi internet! I’m Janet, a 28 year old entrepreneur. Modesty aside, I pride myself as a modern woman, a young adult who’s not ashamed to get what she wants and make the most of all that life has to offer. I trail my own path and am into so many activities. When I’m not tending my flower shop, I love to travel, surf the net, or just hang out with friends. I just love to fill my schedule with so many activities and take pictures and videos of all my adventures. Tons and tons of pictures! And I really enjoy sharing them with all my friends and family.


With such an active lifestyle, I recently discovered the PepBlast Motion Pictures app and let me say now that this app is a blast! More than that, it’s everything that I’ve been waiting for and more! The things you can do with the app just boggles my mind! You can easily create video from photos with this app! If you want to make your own video, you can do it with video creator. And from there, the options are limitless! You can make your own slideshow of pictures that you want to see or share with your close friends and family. You can make a video from pictures very quickly. It is amazing! From all these options, the creative stuff you can do is already over the top, but wait, it gets better.

You can even turn pictures into videos, complete with customizable music. The results are beautiful short movies that can be dramatic, funny, heart-warming, or anything you want them to be!

From there, you can simply email your creation to your friends and family, or post them on Facebook for everyone to see. It’s up to you. I’ve done all of it, and I’m just so happy I did! I will definitely keep using this app and posting my creations online. I confess, it’s so fun and easy, it’s actually addicting! Best of all? This app is free! All this for free! You just can’t go wrong with the PepBlast Motion Pictures app!

I’ve already done several videos with my friends, shared and posted them all over the place. My friends have been totally thrilled and they’ve started using the app too! It’s so easy to get into the app and that’s why all my friends have gotten into it. It’s going to get more and more popular and that’s a good thing because I know people need an app like this to tell their stories and film their exciting adventures. I know this app is going to be the greatest app ever! Believe me and download it now. You won’t regret it and you’ll be gushing over the PepBlast Motion Pictures app just like me in no time!

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